About the Company

Courier365.in, is an Internet company that harnesses the power of the very latest technology to streamline the courier delivery process while providing greater satisfaction for customers, delivery companies and drivers. Through the Courier365.in website, a delivery can be requested, dispatched and paid for all in one seamless action.

“The beauty of Courier365.in is that it eliminates all the kinks that slow down the delivery process,” explains Asad. “On top of that, it also eliminates waiting for payments since it uses PayPal for payment processing, and drivers really love that they get paid instantly.”

Small delivery companies working under the Courier365.in brand have a greater chance for success since they are tied into a strong, esteemed company with an extensive carrier network. The bonus to them is no waiting for payments, no invoicing, and the technology is provided. They become part of the Courier365.in widespread marketing campaign, in addition to the domestic same courier delivery network that can all be accessed easily by mobile phone, tablet or computer.

At Courier365.in, there is no limit to the opportunities with our vast network of carriers with more than 50,000 units on the road. Our independent agent business model is complimented by our Cloud based technology to bring you direct access to a full range of Courier Services.
The company will experience high growth because of its fearless leadership and hardcore members of the Express Courier team. This Internet Company will captivate the online delivery business with the ability to deliver on its promise because of its high-energy culture, innovation and web presence. Courier365.in has a very serious emphasis on the task at hand, providing advanced time critical deliveries for the client. “Technology has become so critically important to our business model.”